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The Greatest Achievement

“To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.” -Ralph Waldo Emerson  Advertisements

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What truly matters

My brain is so exhausted that I can barely keep my eyelids from staying open, but I simply have to get this down. And the irony of it all, I’m writing about my distaste for social media. I do not … Continue reading

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In His time

Today, I learnt that if we would only trust and wait; Our Abba Father will definitely deliver everything in His time. Faith even in the size of a mustard seed will be able to move mountains, & do  what the … Continue reading

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For the first time

I did not dream of falling. Instead, I dreamt of jumping off. A conscious choice was made. Before jumping, I heard a voice saying,  “I’ll catch you, my dear child.” And in reply, I said, “I’ll trust you, Father.” Without … Continue reading

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More than enough (this is for you)

Despite everything that has happened, I just wanna say this, You will always be more than enough for anyone. Always. No matter who you are out there, you are good enough. This includes you. Don’t let anyone tell or make you feel otherwise, no … Continue reading

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New job

Tomorrow, okay more of at 9am today, marks the start of my new job! I’m excited : D To pick up new skills, lessen my parents’ burden and to meet new people! I wonder if that area has good food … Continue reading

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