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I know I’ve made good progress and am getting better as the days go by. But right now, I feel this ridiculous anger. If, if , that person was you. fucking leave me alone you hear? I don’t need you, … Continue reading

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The strength to walk away

“It’s a strange thing, but sometimes it can feel safer to stay with a pain we know than embrace the pain of walking away.” There are times in life where true wisdom lies in choosing the kind of pain that … Continue reading

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The reason.

& I want to be that reason for every one who’s close and dear to me. I yearn to be that be that reason. I will be that reason. In good times, or bad times, I will be that stronghold; giving my … Continue reading

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Turning point

What is the point of moping and wallowing when there are so many things out there to be thankful for. What is the point of lumping everything together just because merely two people let you down, when there are so … Continue reading

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Slaying beasts, that’s what she’ll do.

He trod the earth and whirled his arms, each graceful movement calling forth the next in smooth, unbroken links, his body tracing diagrammatic patterns and impromptu variations, with invisible rhythms behind and between rhythms. At each crucial point in his … Continue reading

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I believe I can fly

If I just believe in it, there’s nothing to it. I believe, I can fly.

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